Dunia Rahmi

Dunia Rahmi

I love writing and reading.. In the past I have always write my life story in a diary. I write everything that I love, just with one simple intention; I don’t want to forget everything that I’ve been through, and I want someday my children can read my stories. Life is like a zebra; it has dark moments and light moments. I write my story even when I’m on a dark side, feel unhappy and want to give up, and when I’m on the light side of my life and I want to live and never die. That is life, and life is so good for us. I’m really am just trying to appreciate what it is that I have in life, and I try to write my life stories. So I can read and reread again everytime I want. That’s why I create this blog. Dunia Rahmi is the name of my blog, ‘Dunia’ in English is ‘World’ and ‘Rahmi’ is my name. So, it’s mean ‘Dunia Rahmi’ is ‘Rahmi’s World’.

Now, let me introduce my self. My name is Rahmi, my friends usually call me ‘Mimi’. I was born on January 8, and I live in Bandung City, Indonesia. Beside English, I also can speak Japanese. I would like to have friends from Japan or everyone from other country who can speak Japanese. I’m interest in studying foreign languagessuch as Thai and Spain Language, and I like to learn new stuff around me.

I love traveling because I’d like to get to know something new every minute, every second. I’m always ready for new emotions and feelings. I like adventures and I think our life would be boring without them. I love doing almost anything outside. I like to be in the fresh air. I also love old music, eating, reading, relaxing, and movies. I love to spend my free time with my friends. I feel my life is very interesting. Actually, I try to make it interesting.

Among the flurry of work, I’m trying to use my spare time to keep writing and sharing about everything in this blog. I would feel happy when people out there reading or just passing by, or even just take a quick glance at my blog. I hope you all enjoy visiting and reading my story life in this blog. Please feel free to comment and leave your opinions here.

Everybody have fun and thank you for taking time and visiting my blog. I hope things will get interesting going forward..

Dunia Rahmi @ Rinca Island

Dunia Rahmi @ Rinca Island



Me and My World

Me and My World


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